Innovation through Web Instant Messenger

Web Instant Messenger from Local Web is a dedicated real time text chat service that provides your website visitors with a lightning fast, reliable and secure way for them to interact with you the moment that they need it.

It has become apparent that more and more web visitors find themselves in need of instant response to their queries, web instant messenger is the solution to that need.

Utilizing the best and latest of technologies our service brings you ever closer to your website visitors by giving them an avenue of communication that ensures instant response.

Web instant messenger does the heavy lifting that other avenues of communication such as phone and email simply cannot handle, why waste time, typing an email of fumbling through your directory finding the correct phone, with Web Instant Messenger there is no time wasted between your visitors questions and the answers that they need.

Whether by answering questions or assisting in site navigation it allows you to:

  • Convert more visitors into customers
  • Generate valuable leads
  • Provide a unique personalized service
  • Enhance their browsing experience


The service is one of the ways Local Web offers to get maximum return from your marketing campaign when working together in accordance with our Adwords consultants to further improve the user experience and parcel data that allows further enhancements of the ad campaigns.

Local Web offers you the tool you must have to further the gap between you and your competitors.

Cutting edge technology, trained and certified chat agents and real-time reports so you can always be in control of your visitors browsing experience. Whatever you are doing you can rest assured that your visitors are being greeted, informed and served by professionals.

You are in control of your visitors experience, using the advice and support of our staff you can

choose the look and feel of the chat boxes, where and when you want us to engage with your visitors, certain pages, certain navigation flow, certain trigger words ensuring a successful and immediately efficient user experience.

Quality and security of chats is rigorous and you can rest assured that all chat transcripts can be mailed directly to both client and visitor, available for your perusal at any time.

This is just an example of how Local Web provides you with the tools necessary to stay ahead of the curve.

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