AdWords plus is a new service by Local Web that aims to capitalize on the advantage that online Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising provides by creating and managing real time online advertising campaigns that produce tangible and easily measurable results.
We also give you the opportunity to use our innovative Web Instant Messenger for your website ensuring that your website visitors receive the best of customer care and satisfaction.

AdWords campaign

With this offer by Local Web you can target your audience at the right moment to evoke an immediate response and compel consumers to take specific actions that drive purchases, downloads, subscriptions and more.

online presence

Web Instant Messenger

Web instant messenger from Local Web is a dedicated real time text chat service that provides your website visitors with a lightning fast, reliable and secure way for them to interact with you the moment that they need it.


Direct contact with the people who are looking for you.
With the innovative service Click-to-Call, Local Web brings you closer than ever to the customer, by answering their phone calls right after they click on your Ad in Google through their Smartphone.

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